There is a kitchen in Tarlabaşı. It is not like any other kitchen. It has neither cooks nor customers. Here, everybody is a cook and all the food is shared. It belongs to the neighborhood and
everyone is welcome.

Local markets, shops, organizations, farmer's cooperatives and all sorts of collectives contribute to the kitchen with vege tables, cereals, oils and other ingredients that they offer. All contributors bring something to put into the pots, stir them and land a hand to whatever is needed. Here neither money nor credit cards are valid, but solidarity and collaboration are. This is a place of sharing our food, labor, ideas, stories and daily lives. The kitchen is not solely about eating. Those who are willing to, can share their knowledge, abilities and experiences with others through workshops. For what comes in handy for one, might also be a tool for the others. To start with, there will be Turkish and English language courses, legal counselling for immigrants, activities for children and craft courses open to everyone's contribution. This kitchen serves as a locus of solidarity and sharing against all sorts of borders that tear us apart.

All the stomachs of the world unite!